Crossy’s Tune of the Week ‘Living For Love’ Madonna.

The Brit Awards 2015. It had been 20 long years since the Queen of pop Madonna had taken to the stage to perform at the ceremony which (supposedly) celebrates the best of British music. As with previous Brit awards, this year was another big let down, with boring performance after boring performance, a far cry from the iconic shows of years gone by. As a Madonna fan I waited with bated breath and as the night drew to a close we knew that her Madgesty would be closing the show with her fabulous new track ‘Living For Love’.


Madonna had earlier tweeted that she was ‘shitting herself’ and who could blame her. Two decades since her last performance, surrounded by her peers and music moguls, the Queen of pop had to show the wannabes that her crown was still firmly on her head.

The music started and draped in a huge cape/cloak, she began her walk down the catwalk towards the stage. Goosebumps!

“This will be a revolution of enquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people’s approval, of not wishing you were someone else but perfectly content to be who you are. Someone unique and rare and fearless. I want to start a revolution of love” 

Then IT happened. Unable to untie her Armani Cape, Madonna was literally dragged off the stage. The O2 arena fell silent. Horrified gasps echoed around living rooms across the whole country, as the star crashed to the ground and the thud of her microphone hitting the ground echoed around her. It was shocking. I wanted to cry. Say what you want about Madge but no pop star deserves to have that happen to them in front of their peers, a packed arena plus a TV audience of a couple of million.

But like the true star Madonna is, the very reason why she has remained at the top of her game for the past 30 odd years, she picked herself up, put the crown back on her head and pulled off an incredible performance.

‘Living For Love’ is the first single off her 13th studio album, ‘Rebel Heart’, an album sadly dogged with problems after many of the tracks leaked last year.


I have chosen the new single as my Tune Of The Week is because it is my favourite Madonna single for a long time. ‘Give Me All Your Love’? Quirky but Awful. ‘Girl Gone Wild’? Stomper but not single worthy. ‘Turn up the Radio’? Nice enough but, meh.

‘Living For Love’ is CLASSIC Madonna. Empowering lyrics, a classic pop/EDM/House beat and a gospel choir harking back to her like a prayer days.

The song was written and produced by the Queen herself and American DJ Diplo, with whom she has also collaborated with on a number of other tracks on the album. According to Diplo the song has had almost 20 versions, from a piano ballad to an EDM composition. Speaking about the single, Madge said,

“We knew we wanted to make a dance record. But you know, there’s so many different levels of dance music and even different categories of house music. So, it was really like, what’s the bass line gonna sound like? Is it gonna be really stripped down and sparse, or is it going to be loaded up? Is it gonna be Chicago house? Is it gonna be U.K. house? It’s like, all over the place. Is it gonna be a little bit of one vocal line? Is it gonna be a whole choir singing? So we were experimenting and trying out different things. They all sounded good, but at the end of the day, we wanted it to sound timeless, also. Not just something of the moment”

Diplo and Madonna on the red carpet at the Grammy's.

Diplo and Madonna on the red carpet at the Grammy’s.

The focus of this track is the wonderfully passionate and empowering lyrics, which I adore; although they may have been a little hard for her to sing after her Brits incident “Took me to heaven, let me fall down. Now that it’s over, I’m gonna carry on”.


The music video to accompany the track see’s Madonna as a matador, a theme used with performances of the track. Once again, the singer broke new ground by releasing the video to the picture messaging app ‘Snapchat’ on February 15th, a first for any artist. Surrounded by a gang of Minotaur dancers, matador Madonna slays them all before proudly holding a pair of the minotaur’s horns above her head to the sound of applause. The video fits perfectly with the theme of the track and Madonna looks stunning. If you haven’t already be sure to view it here.

For me, this is the best lead single off an album since ‘Hung Up’ and this is why it becomes Crossy’s Tune Of The Week.

There truly is NO ONE quite like Madonna and that crown will remain firmly planted on her perfectly coiffed head for many years to come.

Bow down bitches!

Bitch I'm Madonna

To download ‘Living For Love’ click on the following link –

Living For Love iTunes

And for the fabulous album, ‘Rebel Heart’ click here –

Rebel Heart iTunes

© Lee Cross #TuneoftheWeek 2015


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